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The Italians don't refer to them as asylum seekers, refugees or even economic Cheap Youth Figgins Game Jerseys migrants they simply call them the migranti. So far this year as part of Operation Mare Nostrum, the Italian Navy has rescued a record number of migranti people fleeing conflict or economic despair in the Middle East and Africa.

In a country suffering from recession, chinese cheap wholesale the rescue operation is costing around $13 million a month, jamming Cheap Game Mastroianni Twins Jerseys up Cheap Athletics Gray Nike Jerseys processing centres, and causing friction with Italy's EU partners as many migranti walk nba jerseys cheap free shipping out Cheap Youth Kershaw Nike Jerseys of Italian processing centres in search of a new home.

EU rules demand those rescued at sea ask for asylum in the country where they come ashore, but job and opportunity poor Italy allows many to find their way to wealthier countries in Northern Europe, where they claim Cheap Braves Schafer Game Jerseys asylum.

trying to find a clothes store and then heading to Milan and then find another country maybe. Sweden or Netherlands or Germany. MOHAMMAD, Syrian refugee rescued by Italian Navy.

The Cheap Womens Worth Jerseys Cheap Kids Torres Jerseys policy is putting pressure on the EU to assist Italy with the rescues, both financially and logistically. But the other member states are reluctant to join in.

After months of requests, Foreign Correspondent's Sophie McNeill and cameraman David Martin were finally Cheap Indians Dickerson Jerseys granted special access to the Italian Navy's 8,200 ton troop carrier the San Giusto as it sailed into the Mediterranean to look for migranti.

It's a rare and revealing first hand Cheap Authentic Francis Reds Jerseys look at a series of dramatic rescue operations, as the ship picks up more than Cheap Nike Aoki Royals Jerseys 800 people in just two days.

They're just some of the estimated half a million who are hoping to make the crossing from Libya, cheap shopping from china where people gather and wait for boats organised by people smugglers.

They're trying to make it to the island of Lampedusa, halfway between the African coastline and Sicily and the closest point to Italian territory or just to get out of Libyan waters so they can call the Italian navy by satellite phone.

Sergeant Major Francesco Cuonzo and his marine squad are in charge Cheap Limited Hanigan Kids Cheap Limited Gosewisch Nike Jerseys Jerseys of security on the San Giusto. Despite having served in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, he says 'Mare Nostrum' is one of his most Cheap Authentic Pestano Womens Jerseys important assignments.

my friends and family ask me, Why are these people coming to Italy? I respond, our ancestors also escaped when there was war. There went looking for their fortunes in America, Australia, Switzerland and other places. Where there is no war it gives you hope of a better future. SERGEANT MAJOR FRANCESCO CUONZO, Italian Marines

So far this year over 3,000 people have drowned trying to cross.

Critics of Mare Nostrum say the operation has encouraged more people to attempt the Cheap Nike Nolasco Jerseys risky journey, but the Admiral in charge tells Foreign Correspondent:We have the duty in these cases when we are at sea to intervene to save human life. If we are not at sea then we can't see what happens, we wholesale college jerseys can close our eyes, turn off the lights and in that way, Cheap Nike Cosarterseys there's no need to back the boats because they will die. We Cheap Hatcher Nike Jerseys need to remember that International Rights exist. There are international laws that our countries have ratified. VICE source for this penn state football clothing article ADMIRAL FILIPPO FOFFI, Commander in Chief Italian navy

Admiral Foffi says that the increased numbers are not due to Mare Nostrum rather, the deteriorating situation in places like Libya and Syria.

The Italian Solution is an click the up coming document unmissable account Cheap Nike Guerrero Authentic Jerseys of a program diametrically opposed to that of Australia's yet with plenty critics and problems of its own.

MCNEILL: The numbers are staggering. Well over 10,000 people a month fleeing war in the Middle East or economic despair in Cheap Elite Gallardo Brewers Jerseys Africa taking to boats and heading to Europe. Some will die, but where can i buy football jerseys many will be rescued, most likely by the Italian Navy.

REFUGEE: The feeling is like being reborn again. so close to death.

Tonight inside Italy's "Operation Mare Nostrum" the search, the rescue and the big question for Europe what happens next?Summer's slowly winding to an end in the port city of Taranto, southern Italy. It's a low key holiday spot for Italians on a budget and its backstreets and beaches give the impression of an idyllic Mediterranean getaway. That is, until the ships of the Italian Navy range into view.

Taranto is a major southern base for the Italian fleet and that's put it in the thick of one of the world's most dramatic and overwhelming humanitarian crises. Back in port this morning is the San Giusto. It's brought to shore 1700 people who've been plucked from Cheap Youth Crawford Limited Jerseys over crowded boats in the middle of the Mediterranean, fleeing from Africa and the Middle East.

CAPTAIN MARTESSI: "It's by far the most we've carried and it's a number that we have never dealt with in the past".

MCNEILL: The Italians don't refer to them as asylum seekers or refugees or even economic migrants. They simply call them the "migranti".

FEMALE SYRIAN REFUGEE: "When we saw the ship we were so grateful for the help from the Italians. I want to say thanks because they really helped. Also, cheap wales rugby shirts on board the ship they were very kind to us and gave us everything we needed".

MALE REFUGEE: "If the Italian helicopters hadn't come we would have died".

MCNEILL: After undergoing health checks, these people Cheap Youth Boesch Nike Jerseys will be bussed off to different processing centres all around the country. But some are sent here, down the road from the wharf and just a few hours after coming ashore, this family is being allowed to walk out of this facility right in front of the local police.

"Did you think it would be easy to leave the processing centre? Like you're just allowed to walk out wholesale throwback jerseys of the centre?"

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